Des Moines Country House

Des Moines is host to many great activities, annual events, attractions, landmarks, restaurants and everything imaginable. This city in Polk County has over 500,000 residents, and its biggest claim to fame is every four years during the election cycle. Are you ready to discover everything that Des Moines, Iowa has to offer its visitors?

The Capitol Building is definitely the top attraction, as you might imagine. Des Moines is the capital in fact as mentioned. You get a free guided tour so that’s not a bad place to begin. For the next top attraction, you’re going to want to be sure you are visiting during nice weather. You need good weather to truly enjoy a fair. And the fair atmosphere and entertainment at the Iowa State Fairgrounds is one of a kind.

This would be a great time to take a break and have some food. Why not try out the best restaurant in Des Moines while you’re there? Smokey D’s Barbecue is the place, and have you ever had burnt ends? In case you’re not up for some locally famous barbecue, two other top restaurant choices include Centro’s Restaurant and Fong’s Pizza. Have you ever been to an Asian pizza restaurant? That should make for some unique eats and a wonderful time..

Back out on the way to see and do things in Des Moines. You will discover a really cool farmers market, specifically the Downtown Farmers Market. It isn’t your average setup, as you’re not only privy to fresh produce but also baked goods, breakfast burritos and live music. That sounds like a really neat way to enjoy the culture of the city and its locals on a Saturday morning. You ought to eat good food, too.

Gray’s Lake Park on Fleur Drive is another good place to check out. Do you like paddle boats? According to the reviews, there is also a great beach area and walking trails to enjoy. One tracker talks about having a picnic lunch there. Then there is the historic Salisbury House on Tonawanda Drive. Reviews mention that you simply do your own touring of the place, however they point to a hidden midwestern gem which is a} must see.

There is also the Confluence Brewing Company, State Historical Museum, Blank Park Zoo, Principal Park and so much more.  Back to the restaurants for a minute though because there are even more unique establishments to note. Would you like to eat your next burger and fries at the Zombie Burger + Drink Lab? There is also the Django Restaurant and the Flying Mango. Do those restaurants grab your attention?

Des Moines is among the best cities in the state of Iowa to explore. All you have to do is get started with the hand-picked information provided and go with the flow from there. You will surely have a great time while you’re out and about in Des Moines.



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